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Why to stay in the loud and suffocating centre with tourist prices

 for tourist made attractions

if you can in the silent and green?

If you want in 18 min. you are there or at the Airport.

Be curious, look behind!

If you want to book only one night it is also possible, pls. drop me a mail.



And if you love sweets here close by you can try the best pastry shop of the country, which win every year the country cake competition!

And if you think you are far away from the centre you are not! In 18 min. you are in centre of Budapest, next to the Budapest Parliament ( which is a must in my opinion! and the laid back Margaret island for a cycling tour and the most photographed St. Steven Dom)  for less then a Euro and it’s a great experience to try the Hungarian railways still in Budapest (just like in London, Amsterdam or Berlin)!


I speak English, German, Italian and Russian and having travelled extensively myself and stayed in different hostels I have a good idea of what the needs of budget travellers are. As a native Budapest citizen I am also in a good position to advice you about places to visit both in and out of the guide books.


This is not a party hostel in Budapest but is set up for people who enjoy travelling and experiencing new places and cultures. There is no age limit, I only ask that you to show respect to other guests regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality.


After booking pls. always contact the hostel about your arrival to Budapest.

Not taking any guests during the night time, which means after 22.00 (10.p.m.)!

Prices from 3000,-Ft, pls. check at “book now”!


  • room1
  • room2
  • room3


It has 3 colourful individually designed clean rooms. 2 spacious 4 bed rooms and a private room for 2 people and a sofa, which could be used as a child’s bed (70×170 cm).


  • double prepared bed in the private room
  • prepared bunk beds in dorms
  • wi-fi
  • luggage and clothes storage
  • free hand towels
  • table, chair
  • free use of hair-dryer
  • free use of iron and ironing board
  • laundry service
  • free use of kitchen
  • free coffee and tea
  • no curfew


The hostel is situated in a quiet area in Budapest and within a 2 min. walk of a fishing lake a public forest is also close by for walking and horse riding. Other amenities in the neighbourhood include a cage ball centre, bunker game, bowling centre, indoor golf, squash and a swimming pool. Close by are restaurants with typical Hungarian specialities at reasonable prices when compared to the city centre,  so excellent value for people who are travelling on a budget. There are food shops as well as a general market a short distance from the hostel and one of Budapest’s largest and most modern shopping centre (KÖKI TERMINAL) a few minutes bus ride away, this is also the place where the metro (tube) starts.


By bus

From Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport2:

200E in direction of Kőbánya-Kispest, get off at CSÉVÉZŐ UTCA, then a 10min walk straight ahead along the main road (same direction as the bus). There are white signs painted on the path to help. At the white pharmacy (has green illuminated cross on its’ side) turn right then right again. The hostel is about 100m along this road and on the left hand side.


By taxi

Only use pre- paid taxi or agree fare in advance. Taxiplus is about 10USD.


By rail

From Nyugati station you can take a train to Pestszentlőrinc (direction Monor or Airport), 18min, train must be “személy”, the fair is 310FT, for students half price. Coming by train you need to across  two! blue bridges.
You can also take the blue metro/tube/subway (which is an underground transport tool) just outside the station (see instructions below).

From any other rail station or the city or Népliget (Eurolines, Orangeways, Student Agency) bus station, 10min., take the blue metro (tube line) to the final stop at Kőbanya Kispest (Köki terminal).

From the tube station take bus 98 or 98E and get off at the stop called ÁT JÁRÓ by the blue bridge. You can also take 200E but you will need to get off at an earlier stop called Felsőcsatári and walk straight on till the blue bridge. Use the blue bridge to cross over the main road and then walk in the same direction as the bus you got off there are signs painted on the path to help you. Keep walking till you reach the white pharmacy (about 5 min) and then turn left and then right, we are about 100m along this road on the left hand side.




Little cosy, green and silent hostel, budget accommodation, budget rooms in Budapest.18 min. to the Airport, 18 min. to the centre. Why to stay in the centre, where it is loud, smelly and full of smog, when you can stay in the green of Budapest? This is not a party place but is set up for people who enjoy travelling and experiencing new places and cultures. Here close by you can try the best pastry shop of the country, which win every year the country cake competition! Hairdresser, massage, swimming pools, bowling and indoor golf, forest and horse riding close by! No age limit! Do not accept guests in the night!
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